Today I begin a new addition to my website, a blog. Yes... a blog...

I've always enjoyed writing, even just for my sake, and have been wanting to create a space for more regular photos with some added dialogue. I'm really excited to start writing again and look forward to seeing this evolve.

I drew an interest in photography back in high school but never took the time to truly pursue it up until a few years ago when I lived in New York City. I would do an injustice trying to explain everything I love about that city and why it's an incredible place to live, but to put it simply: it's where I call home. I've lived many places, but New York is like home home.

***Sooooooo side note, I'm geeked about this blog (already). I initially began to write just to get together a quick intro for my first post. Here I am, on a tangent and loving it.***

New Title: An Ode to New York (LA You're Not Too Bad Too)

Ok - well this won't really be an ode, but when I realized I would be moving away from NYC, I decided to capture as much of it as I possibly could - so I captured everything - my walks to work, restaurants/bars I spent too much time in, The Park, views I was lucky enough to stop taking for granted... With that said, I have a few thousand photos just sitting on my hard drive. So from time to time, I take a look and notice new photos I am really glad I took. This is one of those times... 

LA will get it's showcase too, but for tonight I'm loving New York and I don't care how cliche that is.

xx, always.