Hwy 1

When you're a native Mid-Westerner, East Coast Transplant, and it's your first time driving the Central California coast, you take your camera. Brian and I had a quick weekend trip to Central California and I must say, never have I ever seen oceanside views like the Cali coast. We stayed over in Morrow Bay, and tripped up to Big Sur with a car ride full of good tunes, chatter, goofing around, and some finger-licking snacks. 

It's amazes me how drastic the landscape changes from Southern California to just a few hours up hwy 1. Lush, green road side vistas, cloud covered mountain tops and wonderfully grey, and gloomy days (my favorite). I was super jazzed to get some shots of the coast and love to be able to share more here. Also, the light was especially full, billowy, and diffused so..... "mama like" :)

We spent sometime at the Hearst Castle outside of Cambria - it sat on top of a mountain and on the day we visited it was rainy and cold (for us Angelenos) and the castle was actually SO high up, it was in the clouds! It felt like we were in this eerie dream world because the cloud cover was so thick! Literally a castle in the sky (!!). 

The trip was much needed and it allowed me to see a part of the country I've never seen. I'm forever grateful for the opportunities I've had and how lucky I am to live and see so many amazing parts of the country. 

xx, always.