Work Daze

Well work has been taking up a substantially large amount of time these days, unfortunately not leaving enough time as I'd like to shoot get lost in creativity. So I'll keep reviewing prior photos until I can find a second to breathe. As the East coast is chilled with freezing temperatures and fluffy pow pow, I'm over here embracing my first LA winter (a silver lining to the busy work schedule??). Though I miss the snow, and that feeling of getting someplace warm after walking blocks on blocks in a polar vortex, I will say that 65-70 degree days in Feb. aren't all that bad... 


Although I'm not enduring the "winter" this year, I am definitely reminiscing about it. Yeah, it's cold, and yeah, it's a pain to commute in, but now being on the greener, grassier side, I will say that I'd still take it over not having it. When you don't have snow, you don't have that excitement that comes with it... "whats to come", "how much", "will it really happen", "will I get to leave work early", "need to hurry to the grocery for wine and oreos"... NYC got hit with a bunch of snow last year, and I took full advantage of being out in it and snapped pics during and after the blizzard, and that left for a pretty memorable weekend.

There is a kind of solace walking alone in the snow fall, just listening to the city shutting down and seeing it change demeanor in the matter of a few hours. The energy is different - its familiar, but its rare.  At some point, I may grow out of it and start to worry like an adult about things like the weather and being prepared, but for now I still revert back to my childhood self, anxious to play in it, anxious to talk about it with friends, excited to just BE  while the snow falls, excited to strip off wet clothes and cuddle up with some tea and a book (who am I kidding... wine and Netflix) and relax as the snow globe around me whirrs.

I tried to capture some shots of the city during and after the snow fall, and looking back now, with the experience that I have gained since then, there is so many more shots I wish I would have taken. But thats the beauty of learning and growing.... progress and reflection. Time to reflect.


xx, always.