so "sceney"

There is so much about LA that I never would have known about if I didn't live here. Captain Obvious over here, I know, but I'm shocked.

For example: LA has season-less seasons, which we replace with made up seasons: Awards Season, Festival Season, etc. That the typical topic of conversation, usually the weather, gets replaced with daily chatter of traffic and the plethora of routes to get to one destination - how true the SNL skit The Californians is is incredible - guilty as charged over here... There is so much to do within the entire state: go from the desert, to the beach, to the forest, to the snow-capped mountains - even within a day if you really wanted to. The lingo is another thing that I'm learning more and more about every day. What we call "bougie" on the East Coast means "sceney" on the West...

I work in the Arts District downtown, and one could say the area is 1 part up-and-coming, 1 part (still) skid rowish, and 2 big parts "sceney". It's definitely a really cool time to be in the area and watch it transform. Though I love my sceney-ness as much as the next person, what fascinates me most are the untouched (by gentrification) parts , the industrial characteristics that are what the arts district once was. 

Since moving here - getting shots of the Arts District has been on my list, and on a slow Saturday afternoon, Brian and I hopped in the car and did just that. 

xx, always.