Holiday Hangover

Well it's true - this holiday hangover has got me aching. I've realized year after year that as much as I love Christmas, Thanksgiving is my fave holiday evs. It's the beginning of the holiday season. There is so much still ahead after Thanksgiving is over. However, Christmas comes and though it's just as important, valuable, and exciting to spend time with family, the day after Christmas always feels a little... sad - no - the evening on Christmas sometimes feels a little sad... because the day is almost over - the day you've been talking about for the last month and have centered all your activities around is winding down... Then you have that weird week between Christmas and New Year's where you don't know how to feel, what day it is, what to do with your life, question your existence, etc... I love/hate this week. THEN New Year's is here before you know it and you realize a lot of things: the resolutions you didn't complete, the holiday decor you need to take down, the pine needles you're going to find in your apartment until June because those damn buggers never go away, how unhealthy you've been eating because ("yolo") calories don't exist during the holidays (...), and the ultimate realization: you're almost one year away from 30 and yet... you still think in your head "when I grow up I'm going to do this and going to be that "... 

And thus ^^^ my hangover in a paragraph.

I do have to say, one holiday tradition I didn't get to partake in this year was watching my favorite Christmas movie: It's a Wonderful Life. Not sure how that one slipped through the cracks, but I have a feeling it might be just the cure for this hangover... "George Bailey, I'll love you 'til the day I die." 

Here I have some photos from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and a few of the first NYC snow of the season! I had forgotten what cold weather felt like, but was quickly reminded they day I decided to tromp around in the wet snow taking pictures... yay, winter.

xx, always.