This way

Come on Winter, lets call it quits. Brian and I have endured our first winter back in NYC long enough. We've trudged, we've slipped, we've dripped... its time. Spring's familiar bright sunlight is quietly creeping through the grey clouds these days, and though the shade feels like early February, the sunlight feels like late April - and we are ready for it.

Lots of planning has been happening over the last few weeks. #PalmRiggles is officially underway and we truly can't be happier with it. I was telling a girlfriend of mine when we first landed our wedding venue that of course it would work out that we make the moves back and forth across the country, THEN we decide to have our wedding back in Southern California... It may seem odd, but Palm Springs just feels so right for us. It's crazy to think about a wedding - - the actual event and coordination of such a thing. It will be a smaller event, but can I just bypass the actual planning part? All these decisions and questions about themes, colors, preferences, budgets, schedules, etc... yikes! Just give me good food, good music, good drinks, Brian, family and friends and thats all I care about.

Mixed in with the wedding planning, my niece turned 1... 1!!!! And another Riggle baby, Finn, was born. As I always mention, we are so lucky for this growing family. Baby fever isn't setting in for us yet though, but boy do I love seeing these little humans and getting to love on them. I was lucky enough to visit Missouri and capture some cute snaps of my adventurous, inspiring little babe of a niece. Seeing the world through the eyes of her, and my toddler nephew was so refreshing. Being around them reminded me how simple things really are: Blair and I created a game called "This Way", where I held him and asked "Which way?" (for me to run towards), and he would point and say "THIS WAY!" Then, I'd run/hop my way in that direction, bouncing Blair as he giggled, and once I got to the "end", I'd catch my breath then ask again "which way?" and he'd point again and yell "THIS WAY" and off we went... continually circling the couch and kitchen - it was so special to laugh together and get to truly interact with him, but woo my arms were tired!. I spent the next week at work in a daze... caring about my tasks, but not really caring at the same time because I had this baby hangover in my head thinking about what really matters: Family... and nieces and nephews being healthy and sharing laughs and smiles with them. 

Outside of that trip to Missouri, things have been low key here in the city. Brian and I have been working out and getting healthier, which has been so good for us both. Working out and going to the gym has always been a part of my life, whether it was practicing basketball throughout middle school and high school, or running on the treadmill at the J.O. Rec Center at Ohio State, or being a young twenty-something in this big crazy city, trying to make friends, trying to sort out my love life, trying to learn the city, and pushing myself to new distances as I trained for marathons - - working out has always kept things more in balance and not making it a priority for the last year hasn't been the best for me.  Running has allowed me to see parts of the cities that I otherwise would probably not be seeing - especially in LA and NYC. I pick up places to remember to visit when I'm out running errands or walking around taking pictures and one weekend while Brian was on a business trip I got to do just that. 

xx, always.