Train 42: The Pennsylvanian

**written on the 3rd, posted on the 7th. whoops**

I'm on the train back to NYC, traveling through the lush hills of Pennsylvania, with PLENTY of photos to edit and thoughts in my head - yay, yay, YAY!

  • First thought: I've always grown up in towns near train tracks... more so in PA and MO, but the sound of a train horn off in the distance (especially at night or in the morning) is such a familiar, nostalgic and lovely sound to me. Can't get enough of it.
  • Second thought: I'd take any morning or late evening over a perfect afternoon any day of the week.
  • Third thought: Am I weird for that? Whatever.
  • Fourth thought: Today is my good friend Anna's 30th birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA! ***and now yesterday, the 6th, was my other good friend Liz's birthday too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!***

Anna's bday has got me thinking about July birthdays and age. She is the first friend my age who is turning 30 (Liz turned 29 - yay!). It's amazing and hard to believe at the same time. I'm sure she doesn't feel 30, just like I don't FEEL like I'm 29... who actually feels their age anyway? At some point age truly did just become a number (I'm guessing after 24) and now life just kinda blurs, and with this blurred understanding of how old we feel vs. how old we actually are comes blurred perspective of our own selves (at least for me). Not all the time, but sometimes I look in the mirror still see this insecure 19-year-old just trying to desperately figure things out, then other times I see this lively, naive twenty-something taking life by the horns, but more often then not these days, I look in the mirror and see a grown woman (pushing 30) who is genuinely herself (after many, many years of learning what that actually was and lots of experiences and feelings to get there). Does the looking in the mirror thing ever stop? I hope not. I'm sure living in New York is part of it a bit (a literal adult playground), but here are some things I feel keep me young at heart & soul (all in moderation):

  1. Staying up late and sleeping in - - not all the time, but every once in a while. Remember doing that as a kid? Goodbye 8:00 p.m. bed time and hello 1:00 a.m. (or 4:00 a.m. depending on the night)
  2. I keep some clothes from different ages of my life that make me feel good! I have jeans from high school, and a dress from my early twenties and it feels great wearing them from time to time - they are a part of so many memories and are just solid pieces of clothing that make me happy to have - quality, 'almost' vintage pieces!
  3. I'm definitely irresponsible on occasion too. Brian and I are almost all the time responsible (allllllmost), but sometimes we have one too many drinks, throw caution to the wind, and laugh about it the next day while we are nursing our hangovers and bank account.
  4. Buying foods I loved as a kid. Those consist of, but are not limited to, ding dongs, fruit roll-ups, oreos, or chocolate fudge pop tarts (note 3/4 are are form of chocolate)! They're easy and delicious snacks, though maybe the not healthy, but in moderation are totally worth the calories.
  5. Keep moving. I walk a minimum of 3 miles a day, then try to work out on top of that. Granted NYC does lend itself to walking more... but my point being keep moving no matter what - our bodies need it and our souls need it more. I love walking and listening to music (then imaging I'm in a movie or music video depending on the song). 
  6. Speaking of... I listen to music and try to find new music. No matter my mood, music always makes things better, or bearable. And the resources to find new music is literally endless. Also, listening to music that was "new" when I was a teen is really a #tbt and still gets me pumped. Check out Spotify's Throwback Playlist - its a total winner.
  7. Allow myself to be goofy and (sometimes) quirky, and not be sorry about it. Kinda like a young child... ya know? They are oblivious to how people perceive them and 100% genuine. For me - thats a little goofy, and a little quirky,  My niece and nephew have definitely had me dig down deep to find the goofiness and silliness. Life is too serious most of the time, it's a relief to make believe and just have fun. Try it, I swear it will make you smile.

Brian and I move apartments on the 14th, and though we've downsized just as much as I think we possibly can, there is still so much "stuff" and some of that "stuff" are things that I truly just. can't. part with. So with the days off for 4th of July and about a car full of items that I wanted to try and hold on to - this opened up the opportunity to head to PA. My brother and his family were also in town - so that made the opportunity just that much sweeter. Dad offered to drive up and pick me up (who's going to turn an offer like that down?), and we made the familiar long drive together back to PA. I love being back there and just being with family and visiting. LOVE. We went to the park, we ate a ton of cheerios, we cried a lot (not so much the adults, but the kiddos), we deciphered baby noises and grunts, we napped (both adults and kiddos), we giggled - it was great. Kids are great. Here's some pictures of our trip to our childhood theme park: Idlewild Park. 

Also while I was home, Blair was interested in taking pictures with my camera. It was in manual mode, but I adjusted the settings and let him snap away. For some reason I really love these photos. They are so sweet... just seeing the pictures from his point of view - see his little feet and leg hairs. Granted I know he didn't really know what he was shooting, but I just really really love these photos. 

xx, always.