clearing out the cobwebs

well it’s time to clear the cobwebs out of this site for another time.

with the wedding well behind us , brian and i have just been enjoying the city, each other and really embracing the phrase “just be”.

this website started out as a homeplace for my photography and an outlet for me to write and though almost the last year has been lacking that, i’ve coming out of my hiatus slightly to update, to write, and to work on the next creative chapter that i’m in.

over the last few years i’ve learned and grown fond of macrame and fiber art. however, it wasn’t until last winter that i really started looking into it and kinda learning what it was all about. the interest fell to the back seat after winter ended with plans of the wedding quickly coming together and other priorities that arose. but this winter however, i was determined to get back to it, and i’m so glad i did. there is a WHOLE WORLD of macrame, weaving, and fiber art. a whole big world and i’m loving discovering it. i don’t know what my style is, and i’m still not 100% perfect at tying every knot exactly the same as each other, but i love practicing it. there is something that feels a little different with learning and creating macrame pieces - it’s meditative, therapeutic in a way.

alas, i never put an expectation on my creativity, so i don’t exactly know where I’ll go with this… if anywhere at all, but all i know is i’m really digging these days, these days.

xxoo always.