This is the new year

Here we are, in the lull after the holidays. 

The last months of 2017 were busy - as expected - but worth the running around. 

And as the new year is upon us - I don't feel any different but I also feel flooded with resolutions and a reenergized fervor for the year ahead at the same time. I usually always have resolutions, and have a note in my phone of them since 2012 when I first was in New York. What's great to see is some of the accomplishments, but also see some of the resolutions I keep having year after year. They aren't goals I haven't necessarily accomplished - but things that I would like to continue to keep doing and remind myself that they are truly important to me. Now, I'm not listing all my 2018 resolutions here because that would mean I have to actually stick to them... but one that I made was to go to more museums. Oh, and to keep sharing more photos... holiday photos to some and many more picture projects to come sometime after that... hopefully.

Here's some snaps at one of my fave. museums recently - - The Met.

xx, always.