You're the bomb(ogenesis)

Snow. Pow Pow. Slush. Snow Globe. Winter Wonderland. Blizzard. Bombogenesis (...?). 

Well, we are expected some snow fall through the end of this week. The term "bombogenesis" is getting thrown around. As much as I'd like to believe the hype, Mr. Weatherman usually lets the city down - but we'll see. If we don't get it, fine. If we do get it - I'm ready for it! 

Speaking of pow pow storms and cold temps - - For New Year's we went up to Killington to "shred the gnar". The avg temp was 1 degree or usually below 0, and I must say, coming back to NYC after the trip makes it seem like I'm walking in ok/manageable 20 degree weather! The trip was my second time skiing, but first time on the East Coast. I can confidently say skiing - no matter the coast - is a lot of fun. I could hang with the boys a bit more this time and ski down some more challenging blue slopes, but had to stop hanging after we got lost on one run (and they almost made me go down a black). Oh, and I experienced what it was like to ski on ice - yay (but really, boo). All in all, a great time though. I even brought my camera skiing and surprisingly, it withstood the sub-zero temps, unlike my iPhone - thank goodness. 

All in all - the group of couples we went with were bomb. The skiing was bomb. The food and wine was bomb. And the small town feel was exactly what the doctor ordered. Everything was bomb(ogenesis). 

xx, always.